WGS Systems recently collaborated with the University of Maryland to provide formal training in systems engineering for eight engineers spanning multiple technical disciplines. Training focused on techniques and guidelines supported and promoted by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), a member based organization similar to the Program Management Institute (PMI).

INCOSE promotes the development and application of systems engineering principles throughout all phases and disciplines of the project development process. Organizationally, coverage includes portfolio management, human resource management, quality management, infrastructure management, knowledge management and life cycle management.

Technically, the INCOSE model follows the traditional engineering “Vee” model consisting of requirements definition, architectural definition, detailed design, implementation, integration, verification, transition, validation, maintenance and operational support.

As indicated by the INCOSE values on their website, this holistic approach to systems engineering encourages “Thinking and acting to apply systems approaches to address complex challenges and thus to realise successful sustainable solutions.” By instilling this approach to engineering within the organization, WGS demonstrates a commitment to defining, designing, implementing, delivering and supporting the highest quality products possible that surpass customer expectations.

WGS is proud to announce that all eight engineers have been certified as Associate Systems Engineering Professionals (ASEP) by the INCOSE foundation. In addition, based on their years of experience in systems engineering, several engineers have begun the formal application process to upgrade to the rank of Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP).

Bob Wise