WGS Products

WGS Systems offers a variety of field tested and proven technologies ready for rapid deployment.

RF Signals Solutions

WGS Systems develops premier RF Signals Collection and Analysis solutions geared for the modern signals intelligence user. Our solutions can be deployed rapidly, enabling a quick reaction capability for today’s ISR professionals.  Our solutions are ideally suited for austere environments including manned or unmanned aircraft, remote ground-based sensors as well as vehicles.

Major features include:

  • RF Environment Analysis and Mapping
  • Integrated Real-Time Mapping Overlay
  • Target Database and Management
  • Robust Datalink Management
  • Real-Time Spectral Display
  • Spectral History Waterfall Display
  • Signal Analysis, Geolocation and Hunting
  • Signal Monitoring
  • Geolocation
  • Sensor Cross-Cue
  • Steer-to-Target

WGS Systems designs and builds operationally effective systems for the most demanding operators in the world.


WGS Systems deploys complete integrated mission management systems designed for the modern ISR mission. Our solutions utilize the latest software and hardware on the market today.  Our solutions are built to be scalable, flexible, and mission driven. Designed from the start with the future in mind, key capabilities and features include:

A modern, intuitive gaming-like user environment
  • Multi-sensor control and visualization
  • Complete situational awareness and sensor status
  • Enhanced moving maps solution, supporting modern 3-D and legacy map types
  • Integrated navigation and aircraft status for manned and unmanned airborne systems
Integrated sensor data correlation
  • Drive multiple sensors from a common operating platform
  • Supports the latest RADAR, IMINT, SIGNIT, ELINT, HUMINT sensors
  • Provides sensor data combining and visualization
  • Creates and stores high-fidelity multi-int metadata for post mission archiving
Subject and target development
  • Integration of networks and communications subsystems with immediate TCPED effectiveness
  • Pattern of life development
  • Forensics association
  • Predictive analysis


For more information on how WGS Systems can solve your complex engineering challenges, contact us today.