WGS Systems, LLC (WGS) is pleased to announce that our internationally available, Multi-Intelligence (Multi-INT) system, Europa™ has completed DO-160 testing and is now DO-160 compliant.

DO-160 is the industry standard for Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment published by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA).

The purpose of this standard is to ensure equipment suitability for use in the airborne environment. This rigorous program of tests includes procedures to assess airborne equipment’s durability and reliability in the face of extreme conditions.

During testing Europa was tested for compliance with a variety of standards including temperature, altitude, shock and vibration. In submitting Europa to this level of testing WGS has demonstrated its commitment to delivering the highest quality Multi-INT equipment in the marketplace.

In achieving full DO-160 compliance, Europa, continues to lead the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and Law Enforcement Technical Collection (LETC) market. Other important recent innovations introduced as part of the Europa family include:

  • Advanced beamforming capability
  • Advanced digital signals processing capability
  • Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) form factor
  • Man-on-the-move form factor

Europa is an adaptable platform that can be utilized in a wide variety of configurations including:

  • Manned aircraft
  • UAS
  • Ground vehicles
  • Maritime vessels
  • Manpack

A key element of Europa is its use of the WGS Tactical Management System (TMS™). When fully integrated with the platform, TMS provides the operator full command and control of Europa and all of a platform’s C4ISR sensors. TMS provides an intuitive spectral analysis display and geospatial 3-D mapping to enable real-time situational awareness. TMS provides aircraft location, artificial horizon, compass rose, camera footprint, wideband spectral display with waterfall, narrowband spectral displays, signal locations, angles and bearings, sensor status and operator controls. The system is platform independent and can be run on workstations, laptops, cockpit displays and Android devices. TMS is capable of fully mesh networked operations.

Europa is a proven system that is currently operating on a wide variety of platforms around the world. With the completion of DO-160 testing and achievement of full compliance with the standard, WGS can offer Europa as a rugged and reliable solution for your Multi INT system requirements.

For more information please contact WGS at 240-436-6168 or