WGS Systems, LLC has announced its latest additions to its proven lineup of Europa™ airborne SIGINT products: Europa Next Generation (NextGen) Communications Intelligence System (COMINT) and Europa HighBand Electronics Intelligence (ELINT). Both products are based upon standardized 3U VPX backplane architectures and utilize the latest in advanced tuner and processing technologies. 

WGS – L022, Europa NextGen features extend the capabilities of WGS’s current product line, employing advanced multichannel software defined radio (SDR) technology and high-speed processors.  Key features of Europa NextGen include:

  • Expanded frequency range of 2MHz – 6 GHz
  • High-speed signal search and detection processing
  • Simultaneous functionality supporting wide band spectral search, detection, analysis, direction finding, geolocation and recording
  • Increased number of audio and IF channels
  • High-speed, accurate direction finding (DF) and geolocation across HF, VHF, and UHF utilizing advanced techniques such as adaptive beam forming and custom algorithms
  • Advanced digital signals

WGS Europa HighBand

WGS – L019, Europa HighBand extends WGS’s proven SIGINT capabilities to ELINT missions.   Key features of Europa High Band include:

  • Wide Frequency range of 0.5 GHz to 18 GHz
  • High-speed pulse detection and processing
  • Simultaneous functionality supporting extended wide band spectral search, detection, analysis, direction finding, geolocation and recording
  • Advanced data management including a signal classification library capable of storing well over 10,000 signal data and associated pulse descriptor words (PDW)
  • Automated analytics including signal analysis, classification and categorization of received signals

WGS Tactical Management System (TMS)

Integrated with WGS’s Tactical Management System (TMS), Europa NextGen and Europa HighBand provide commanders with a comprehensive tactical view of all sensors operating within a single or multi-platform environment.  TMS provides a fully collaborative, common operational environment for all C4ISR mission sensors.  Key features of TMS include:

  • Combined multi-sensor operations
  • Networked operations between multiple platforms including manned aircraft, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), ground, mobile and manpack sensors, and ground stations
  • Remote command and control of all networked sensors
  • Mission planning and rehearsal
  • Mission playback and analysis

Europa NextGen and HighBand can be integrated with a wide range of WGS antenna arrays for high performance on any platform or combination of platforms.  Both Europa NextGen and High Band are packaged in Air Transport Rack (ATR) chassis that provide a rugged, DO-160 compliant package suited for a wide variety of aircraft installations.  For additional information regarding Europa please contact WGS at info@wgsyssystems.com or +1-240-436-6168.