New Headquarters will support growth of up to 80 employees and outfitted to conduct high-quality electronic system production, integration and systems testing.

In June 2017, officials from Federal, State and Local government joined President & CEO Bob Wise and Chief Technology Officer Kirk Griffin to celebrate WGS Systems’ ten years of operations and to officially open the doors to the new WGS Systems Corporate Headquarters.

Over one hundred industry partners, clients, and representatives from various government agencies were in attendance. The celebration marked the culmination of ten years of success, which has propelled WGS Systems to grow and expand.

“It has been a great honor to serve the United States Government at all levels, as well as U.S. allies throughout the world since 2007. We here at WGS Systems are as passionate about the mission now as we were on day one, and I know everyone here looks forward to the challenges that lay ahead in the next ten years and beyond,” remarked Wise.

At the June celebration, Benjamin Wu, Deputy Secretary of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development said, “WGS Systems is an excellent example of a leading technology and engineering provider, and I am proud to stand with you here today. Thank you for doing what you do and basing your operations here in Maryland.”

In recent years, WGS Systems has earned praise from federal partners for its successful work serving the U.S. Park Police in its mission to protect the 58th Presidential Inauguration. Similarly, WGS Systems had a notable presence at the 2017 Paris Air Show, traveling with the Maryland Delegation and accompanying Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

WGS Systems’ expanded facilities include a fully equipped training facility, a quality control center, and numerous systems analysis capabilities.

“Our new facilities enable the team to take on some of the most complex engineering challenges in the field today. By investing in these new capabilities, WGS Systems engineers, as prescribed by our business model, have repeatedly demonstrated that they can model solutions here at HQ in days and weeks and deploy them to any place in the world. It’s a capacity that enables us to serve our partners better, faster, and more efficiently than other firms,” noted Griffin.

Notable guests included Julianna Albowicz, Western Maryland Outreach Director for U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen; Lara Westdorp, Chief of Staff for Maryland State Senator Ronald Young; Jessica Reynolds, Maryland Department of Commerce; Randy TeBeest, Maryland Department of Commerce Aerospace Manager; Tamar Osterman, Maryland Department of Commerce Senior Business Development Representative; and distinguished guests, Brig. Gen. (Ret) Dick Potter and Col. (Ret) Bill Shaver.

WGS Systems, LLC is an award-winning Maryland based small business founded in 2007 to provide military, intelligence, and law enforcement organizations around the world affordable, innovative, and high-performance systems. WGS Systems has provided situational awareness, communications, and multi-sensor surveillance capabilities to the United States Government and its allies around the world.
WGS Systems technologies are designed by some of the very best engineers in the business, and their interoperable systems are reliably deployed as simple solutions to extremely complex requirements.

This new facility is located in Frederick, Maryland and is capable of supporting a growth to over 70 employees. The facility has already been enhanced to support high-quality electronic system production, integration and systems testing.

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