In early December, members of the WGS Systems team in Frederick, Maryland came together for a company gathering indicative of several key principles that have guided the company since its founding over ten years ago.

As a total systems engineering company, WGS Systems employs, trains, and maintains an engineering team that is proven and field tested across the globe. The company works hard to recruit and develop top talent, and prioritizes investment in its personnel accordingly.

Most recently, in Spring 2017, WGS Systems entered into an agreement with Whitman Consulting to provide leadership development and training to emerging leaders within the WGS Systems ranks. Led by Whitman Consulting founder Andrew W. Thornton, the program aims to shape talented engineers and operators into well-rounded leaders with the skills necessary to provide total systems oversight.

Two emerging leaders within the WGS Systems engineering team, L.B. Belella and Jeremy Thomas, recently completed the Whitman Consulting series and were formally recognized by WGS Systems President Bob Wise and Vice President Kirk Griffin.

From left to right: Bob Wise, L.B. Belella, Andre Thornton, Jeremy Thomas, Kirk Griffin

“For anyone to go from being an expert in one field to a total systems engineer – and excel, formal leadership training is a must.” said Wise. “At WGS Systems, we regularly get calls to solve the most complex engineering problems facing the U.S. Government and its allies around the world. You can’t do that if you are limited in your abilities and skills, and I think our investments in personnel development help set us apart from the competition.”

“We’ve been very fortunate at WGS Systems. We’ve managed to build the best team in the business, and we’ve been called upon to work on some truly exciting programs and operations in the world,” remarked Wise. “I firmly believe our success to date has been made possible by our steady commitment to our founding principles. And that’s something we won’t change anytime soon.”

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