In March of 2021 WGS committed to achieving AS9100 certification.  Through a year of significant effort, the company has upgraded its PACE quality management system to comply with the requirements of the standard and has completed the audits required for certification.  WGS is now working to close out all audit findings to achieve final certification in 1Q22.  “This is a great achievement for the year” stated Chris Garlick, WGS Quality Manager, “we upgraded our QMS in 6 months and then further refined it over 3 months based on the results of our first audit.  And we accomplished all of this without interrupting any of our ongoing projects.”

WGS has been an ISO 9001:2015 certified business for years, and the quality of its work reflects its commitment to continuous improvement in the interest of best serving its customers.    AS9100 fully incorporates the entirety of ISO 9001, while adding requirements relating to materials, quality and safety.  Major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers worldwide require AS9100 compliance as a condition of doing business with them.

“Our customers need the quality of our work to be top notch, dependable and repeatable”  stated President and CEO Bob Wise, “that’s our reputation and we must continue to improve.  What’s especially interesting to our customers is that our compliance isn’t limited to manufacturing, but includes systems engineering and design.”  “Our work starts and ends with users in the field.” added Wise, “There is nothing more exciting than taking reliable new solutions to the field.”

AS9100 is an internationally adopted standard for industry quality management systems in the aerospace industry. It was released in October 1999 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the European Association of Aerospace Industries (EAAI).

Bob Wise